Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance: Evidence from the Banking Sector of Istanbul


  • Muhammad Muzammil Ghayas Iqra University
  • Muhammad Abbas Dhodiya IQRA University




This research seeks to explain the association between Job Satisfaction facets and Employee Performance in the banking sector of Istanbul.



To measure job satisfaction, we used 6 variables, these include Compensation, Coworkers’ Attitude, Nature of Work, Supervisor’s Support, Promotional Opportunities, and Communication. Whereas, Employee Performance has been used as the dependent variable in this research study. Two separate instruments were used for measuring the variables used in the study. In this regard, 350 sets of questionnaires were distributed to the employees of Istanbul’s banking sector and their supervisors. 306 useable sets of questionnaires were received and were used for the study. The statistical techniques that were used are the Confirmatory Factor Analysis and Multiple Regression Analysis.



Results indicate that job satisfaction facets namely promotional opportunities, nature of work, co-workers’ attitude, compensation, supervisor’s support, and communication have a significant association with employee performance.



This study concludes that job satisfaction is a multi-facet construct. Furthermore, these facets are found to be related to employee performance. Hence, managers in the banking sector of Istanbul should focus on enhancing the level of job satisfaction for increasing employee performance.


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Muhammad Muzammil Ghayas, & Dhodiya, M. A. (2021). Job Satisfaction and Employee Performance: Evidence from the Banking Sector of Istanbul. Reviews of Management Sciences, 3(1), 49–56.