Appeals and Complaints

Policy and Process

RMS adheres to an open and interactive publishing model from the submission stage through to the actual publication stage. All complaints are handled fairly. We anticipate that our Editors and staff will conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism and courtesy when interacting with the authors. Complains may be about.

  1. Authorship complaints
  2. Plagiarism complaints
  3. Allegations of research errors and fraud.
  4. Undisclosed conflicts of interest
  5. Reviewer bias or competitive harmful acts by reviewers
  6. Multiple, duplicate, concurrent publication/Simultaneous submission
  7. Research standards violations
  8. Research results from misappropriation

The Editor in Chief / Editor is responsible for managing complaints. However, if they are the subject of a complaint, please contact the publishing house using the given email address Further, it is requested to launch comprehensive complaints rather than partial complaints where it is difficult to find out the real issue. Details may include but are not limited to Issue and volume number, complaints against, and nature of the complaint.

Moreover, In addition to the above guidelines, RMS follows COPE guidelines on research misconduct.

1. Peer review manipulation suspected during the peer review process 

2. General approach to publication ethics for the editorial office

3. Reviewer suspected to have appropriated an author’s ideas or data

4. Suspected ethical problem in a submitted manuscript