Author's Guidelines

  1. Submission Process

  2. Title & Abstract
  • Title font must be 16pt Times Roman, centrally aligned, and capitalize each word.
  • The abstract should be Times New Roman 11pt.
  • Five Keywords must be mentioned in italic. Each keyword should be capitalized and separate lines as mentioned in the template of the abstract.
  • The maximum length of the paper is 10,000 words including references.
  • Yet if it is necessary to increase the article length, kindly mention it to the editor in email.

      3.  Introduction (Times New Roman 12pt)

  • Body of all text after abstract including headings and sub-headings in the article should follow Times New Roman 12pt with single line spacing and justified on both sides.
  • There should be one line space after paragraph and section heading. There should be a single line space after the heading or sub-heading as shown in the template.
  • All headings and sub-headings of each section follow 1, 1.1, 1.2, 2, 2.1, 2.2. The heading and sub-headings should be bold, capitalized for each word as sampled above.
  • The page layout is margins of all article page be top: 0.5’’; left: 0.7’’; right: 0.7’’; bottom: 0.5’’. The header of the article should mention the full journal name along with volume and issue information as per the template given in this file. In the footer of the article, kindly mention the corresponding author’s email and the paper citation in Times New Roman 11pt using the template given in the footer of this file.
  1. 1. The sequence of the Paper
  • The manuscript must follow the sequence of Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results and Discussion, and Conclusion. Furthermore, authors are requested to upload the title page separately. The manuscript must not include the title page in order to keep the anonymity of the authors. 
  1. Tables and Figures
  • All tables and figures should be mentioned within the body of the article and numbered. The figures should be black and white and in the .gif or .jpg format. There should be one line spacing before and after the figure/table in the body of the text.
  • All tables and figures must be numbered with a caption for example; Table.1. Descriptive statistics.
  • Sources must be cited. If the author has created own its own source must be like this; Source: Author’s own elaboration
  1. Proofread and Typeset
  • The paper should be professionally proofread and free of grammatical errors. The typeset should follow the template guidelines mentioned in this file.
  1. References (Without heading number)
  • All references should be alphabetically ordered using APA format with a hanging indent of 0.5’’ and single line space. The sample is given below. Where possible, give the URL and DOI of the cited article.

Wee, T. C. (2013). Talent retention: the pressures in Malaysia SMEs. American Journal of Economics

          3(5), 35-40.

It is advisable to use the reference manager tool Mendeley.  APA 7th style must be followed.

  1. Data & Instrument submission policy
  • The authors are required to submit the data and the instruments used in the research.

      8. Manuscript Template

           Make an account and download the article template using the Download

     9. Plagiarism Policy

 Our anti-plagiarism program (Turnitin) scans all articles at submission and during the review process, and the report generated is fully evaluated by the Editorial Team. If the amount of plagiarised text is greater than 20%, the authors are notified and urged to make changes to their manuscript. According to the standards of the RMS (Reviews of Management Sciences) and COPE, if serious plagiarism is detected in the manuscript content or part thereof, the paper is immediately rejected (Committee on Publication Ethics). Detail Plagiarism Policy

Article-processing & Submission Fee

RMS does not have an article submission fee. However, the publication fee is PKR 30,000 (Locals) or $200 (International). There are no charges for additional pages and colored images.

Statement of Conflict of Interest

Our Policy. Authors are required to submit a statement of conflict of interest Download.

Authorship: All people who have made a major contribution to the design, organization, implementation, and revision of the research that forms the basis of the paper should be referred to as co-authors. Other people's contributions must be acknowledged explicitly if they played a key role in some phases of the research. In the case of multiple-author contributions, the author who submits the text to the journal must certify that all other co-authors' names have been correctly stated, that the final version of the article has received their approval, and that they have given their consent for publication in the "Reviews of  Management Sciences". Fill this form Download

Funding Information

Authors are required to provide funding information in the manuscript if any.

Publication Frequency

RMS is published two times a year in June (Latest Volume, Issue.1) and December (Latest Volume, Issue.2). We publish the first issue on June 30th and the second issue on December 31st. However, we follow the online First publication policy to give the authors the advantage of early citations. online First allows final articles (completed and approved articles awaiting assignment to a future issue) to be published online prior to their inclusion in a journal issue, which significantly reduces the lead time between submission and publication.

Open Access Policy

Licensing Policy

Data sharing Policy

Revenue Sources