Connecting the Dots of Brand Experience and Happiness: The Mediating Role of Happiness Orientations


  • Imran Sarmad University of Lahore
  • Rizwan Ali University of Lahore



Brand Experience, Sensory Brand Experience, Emotional Brand Experience, Happiness Orientations


Consumer research studies that have already been conducted on happiness have claimed that businesses should make their customers happier via experiences, but they have not addressed how specific brand experience elements may make customers happier. To address this gap, the main purpose of this research is to investigate the impact of brand experience on happiness via happiness orientations.

This study uses a survey as a research method. This research uses a cross-sectional time horizon design. The target audience for the study was the restaurant's customers. Data has been collected from 443 customers in different major cities of Pakistan.

SEM is used for CFA and direct hypotheses testing, SEM is used. However, for mediation analysis, PROCESS micro has been used in SPSS. The result reveals that both sensory and emotional brand experience by exception has a positive effect on happiness orientations. Furthermore, happiness orientation mediates the relationship between brand experience dimensions and happiness.

The present research found that each of the brand experience aspects had a distinct impact on happiness. It is advised that marketers concentrate on each dimension of brand experience instead of concentrating as a whole.


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2022-09-27 — Updated on 2022-09-27

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Imran Sarmad, & Rizwan Ali. (2022). Connecting the Dots of Brand Experience and Happiness: The Mediating Role of Happiness Orientations. Reviews of Management Sciences, 4(2), 14-30.