Information For Authors

1. Introduction (Times New Roman 12pt)

  • Body of all text after abstract including headings and sub-headings in the article should follow Times New Roman 12pt with single line spacing and justified on both sides.
  • There should be one line space after paragraph and section heading. There should be single line space after the heading or sub-heading as shown in the template.
  • All headings and sub-headings of each section follow 1, 1.1, 1.2, 2, 2.1, 2.2. The heading and sub-headings should be bold, capitalized each word as sampled above.
  • The page layout is margins of all article page be top: 0.5’’; left: 0.7’’; right: 0.7’’; bottom: 0.5’’. The header of the article should mention the full journal name along with volume and issue information as per template of given in this file. In the footer of the article, kindly mention the corresponding author’s email and the paper citation in Times New Roman 11pt using the template given in the footer of this file.
  1. Abstract
  • The body of all abstract including keywords in the abstract should be Times New Roman 11pt. Keywords should be 3-5 mentioned in italic. Each keyword should be capitalized and separate line as mentioned in the template of the abstract.
  • Maximum length of the paper is 5000 words including references. Yet if it is necessary to increase the article length, kindly mention to the editor in email.
  1. Tables and Figures
  • All tables and figures should be mentioned within body of the article and numbered. The figures should be black and while and in the .gif or .jpg format. There should be one line spacing before and after figure/table in the body of text.
  1. Proofread and Typeset
  • The paper should be professionally proofread and free of grammatical errors. The typeset should follow the template guidelines mentioned in this file.
  1. References (Without heading number)
  • All references should be alphabetical order using APA format with hanging indent of 0.5’’ and single line space. The sample is given below. Where possible, give the URL and DOI of the cited article.


Akhtar, Rai S. Media, Religion and Politics in Pakistan. Karachi: Oxford UP, 2000.

Bratic, Vladimir &Schirch, Lisa.(2007). Why and When to Use the Media for Conflict Prevention and Peace building. European Centre for Conflict Prevention. Retrieved from

  1. Data & Instrument submission policy
  • Authors are required to submit the data and the instruments used in the research.