Migration research issues in Asia


  • shoaib ahmed University of Karachi
  • Sumair Farooq Hamdard University
  • Muhammad Naeem Akhtar University of Karachi




Migration, South Asia, Labor export, skilled workers



Purpose: The aim of this study is to highlight the issues confronted during research on migration from Asian perspectives. In addition, the study aims to convince the research dimensions to be in line with the issues of the current environment.

Approach: A quantitative approach is perceived to be an ideal technique to be employed for this research study since most of the data has been acquired from the secondary work done by different research fellows on the subject. Descriptive analysis has been presented on the work earlier done and also focused on the gap for the incumbent studies.

Findings: Intense migration occurred over the last three decade in Asia, this article’s area of concern on research conduction of international labor in Asia. This article covers research carried out in the late twenty-first century. The rising implication called for highlighting the Asian migration phenomena. The rising implication called for highlighting the Asian migration phenomena. It is evident by present work on the literature on migration, the development of research, and the development of research networks in the region. It is suggested that increased efforts should focus on the establishment of a link between internal and international migration in spite of more work on migration phenomena in the region.


It is concluded that migration in Asia is a significant phenomenon, and if it continues, will hurt the associated nations due to brain drain.


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2020-11-12 — Updated on 2020-11-12


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ahmed, shoaib, Sumair Farooq, & Muhammad Naeem Akhtar. (2020). Migration research issues in Asia. Reviews of Management Sciences, 2(1), 18–23. https://doi.org/10.53909/rms.02.01.038