Performance Management and Employee Productivity - A Study on the Banking Sector of Pakistan


  • Humaira ali institute of business management
  • Ahsan Naseer Abbasi Institute of Business Management
  • Usman Ghani Chishty University of Karachi



Performance management, Worker productivity, Appraisal, Feedback, Training, Compensation


Purpose: The aim of the study is to evaluate the influence of performance management mechanisms upon worker efficiency or productivity in the banking sector of Karachi. 

Design/Methodology/Approach: A quantitative approach is perceived to be an ideal technique to be employed for this research study. The size of the sample for the research paper is 252. SPSS software is being used to scrutinize the statistics or information composed through questionnaires. Descriptive statistics & multiple regression analysis are being used to measure the influence of performance management on worker productivity in the context of the banking industry in Pakistan 

Findings: The outcomes of the study reveals that Pakistani banks must appraise their workers often by means of targets, organizational objectives, accomplishments, efficiency, and time management for the purposes of act assessment as it will result in enhanced the intensity of worker efficiency. Moreover, the research asserts that timely feedback and training sessions will also result in enhanced work performance and increased efficiency. The research also demonstrated that effectual compensation administration has a favorable bearing on worker productivity. 

Implications/Originality/Value: The study recommends that in order to improve the working & the employee efficiency, several techniques of performance assessment must be imposed by the banks operating in the country to enable workers’ participation in target setting & comprehend the part of duty so as to additionally enhance the organizational productivity. Employers should involve their workers in positive feedback and inspire them verbally from time to time. The study further recommends that Pakistani banks are required to involve their workers in well-organized and regular training to upgrade and advance the knowledge and skills of the staff. Such training sessions can be conducted on monthly basis. Finally, the banking sector in Pakistan also needs to inspire and motivate the workers by compensating them in relative to their past attempts since this has been proved to enhance worker output or efficiency


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2020-09-15 — Updated on 2020-09-15


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ali, H. ., Ahsan Naseer Abbasi, & Usman Ghani Chishty. (2020). Performance Management and Employee Productivity - A Study on the Banking Sector of Pakistan. Reviews of Management Sciences, 2(1), 1–16.